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Moving from paper to a fully digital tool may sound complicated, but it's actually quite simple.
Leave it to us, we'll take care of it.

The onboarding process

Once you've chosen Compliance, we will help your multi-site hospitality business to get started. We'll add your manuals, instructions, checklists, images, videos and other documents to create a specific operations manual for your organisation.

You then select a few sites for the initial test phase over a few weeks, when we can ensure the content suits your daily needs. Regional managers can also try out their checklists and everything is accessible via mobile, tablet or PC. We'll then perform an evaluation together with the decision-makers in your business to adjust and create a "template site."

When everyone feels comfortable, we'll agree a plan to launch Compliance across all sites by sending out onboarding instructions.

Onboarding is a quick, easy and fully digital process. No need for onsite training and travel expenses. Our support team will be on hand to help, and our Customer Success team will accompany your entire journey with Compliance.

Increased compliance at all sites

What does the Compliance onboarding process look like for multi-site hospitality businesses? This graph shows a typical Compliance rollout in a medium-sized restaurant, bar or coffee-shop chain.

In the beginning, many sites are usually enthusiastic and want to ensure tasks are done "correctly", and others take a bit longer to adapt to a new way of working. As a result, the general compliance score is usually quite low in the initial stages.

After a few weeks, employees start to understand how the software works and and embrace the new way of working., More and more sites gradually start using the tool. At the same time, the question arises as to how realistic the goal of a 100% performance actually is, and more often than not, it is deemed unrealistic.

The compliance score increases as more sites onboard, while locations with a previous score of 100% realise the importance of using the tool correctly. Over time, performance becomes more even and everyone becomes compliant.