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How does our compliance app work?


At Compliance by MAPAL, our mission is to bring head office and floor teams closer together. Why waste valuable time searching, explaining and repeating tasks when you can instead focus on moving your business forward and ensuring the highest quality service? Our compliance app gathers everything in one place, making it easier for management and teams to find, understand and perform all their tasks quickly and efficiently.

Say goodbye to paper with mobile-first digital checklists.

Your cloud-based compliance solution

Compliance by MAPAL is a cloud-based hospitality operations management app accessible by everyone in the organisation through computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

Everything is fully digitised and can be monitored in real-time.

It's not a big IT project!

Digitising operations is more a new way of working than big technological changes. Getting started with Compliance is easy, right from day one. We help you to populate the app with content and everything is stored in the cloud, so you don´t need to spend time on onboarding all your sites.

Our compliance solution can be rolled out to a chain of 500 sites within a month.

Once it's up and running, you can change, add and remove content yourself, and everyone else sees the changes instantly. You can even enable individual sites to adjust their content themselves, if necessary.

Get started quickly

Once you've decided that Compliance by MAPAL is the solution for you, we'll take care of everything by adding your manuals, instructions, checklists, images, films and other documents to create an operations manual specifically for your organisation.

When you are onboard, our experienced Customer Success Managers will always be on hand to support you.


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What can Compliance by MAPAL do?

If you are running a business, we can help you introduce a digital way of working, so you can easily to delegate tasks and checklists. We'll make sure it's always updated so you can track your team's real-time performance in one simple tool.

Create checklists with tasks

Create checklists and digitise processes for floor teams, regional support and management as needed. Build mobile-friendly checklists that can be customised for individual sites and tracked by HQ. Checklists can include scheduled tasks for creating daily to-do lists. They can also include points and be used as an audit when needed.

Ensure compliance


Stay compliant with digital temperature control, cleaning and equipment maintenance and protect both your brand and your business.

Make it easy for your team

With Compliance, you can ensure your team has everything it needs on their mobile: easy-to read, standardised instructions on how to complete tasks with text, images, PDFs, links and videos. Easily set up all sites from a central dashboard and localise to individual sites if you need to.

Help teams to get it right. Every day.

Capture it with photos


A picture is worth a thousand words! Follow up campaigns, initiatives and exposures by checking supporting photos in a simple overview.

And much more…

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