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We have launched a new app, read more about this!

A New Hybrid App replaces our existing apps

We strive to continually develop and improve our product to be even better at helping you develop and improve your business.


Therefore, we are updating our existing apps with a newly developed hybrid app. For our users, everyday life becomes easier as the web and apps in different mobiles work the same way. For our developers, it's faster to build the new features that users want.


Our new app is based on our responsive web app ( but is packaged to work as a platform-based app (native) and can be distributed through Google Play and Apple App Store.

News in the Hybrid App

In addition to a new design, with easier navigation and a more modern layout, there is now a local overview with better search and filter functions. An additional function that many of our customers have desired is the ability to quickly answer a task.  We have created the "checkbox" response option to fill that need.

When we release the new app in Google Play and the Apple App Store, it will replace the existing apps. All users, registrations and documents remain in the new version.

Our user tests have shown that no extra training is required to continue doing the same job as before in the app.

We are constantly evaluating the features of mobile apps and focusing on the widest possible benefit for as many people as possible with the highest possible performance. Therefore some seldom used features will from now on only be available in the desktop web version.

This is just the beginning with our new platform. Our development will go even faster and we are already planning several new and requested features.


With the launch of our new app, we present a brand new feature called SMARTask. SMARTask are tasks that record results using Bluetooth-enabled devices such as thermometers. With the help of SMARTask, tasks can also be answered automatically by a cloud integration.


Want to know more about our new app and SMARTask? Contact us by filling out the form below.

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GetCompliant helps retail and restaurant chains save time, secure compliance and reach set goals in everyday life.

Our cloud-based service includes digital checklists, documentation capabilities, and performance tracking for all levels of the chain.


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