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Reduce the gap between floor and office

It goes without saying that chain management always should be on top of how sites follow the concept, way of working and current campaigns, every day and all through the year. It should also be easy for co-workers on sites to know what is to be done and how in order to make sure that the great majority of the workday can be spent on service for guests and customers. However, everyone who has worked within a large organisation knows that this is not always the case.

At GetCompliant, our mission is to decrease the gap between head office and the co-workers meeting customers in everyday service. We see no reason to spend valuable time searching, explaining and re-doing when this time instead can be spent moving your business forward and make sure service is performing at the highest quality. With everything in one place, it becomes easy for management and co-workers in service to find, understand and execute all their tasks in an easy way. No pens and papers needed.


If you are running a business, we can help you to package and deliver a digital way of working, which makes it easy to delegate tasks and checklists and we help to keep it updated. This will, in turn, give you a simple way of following up how everyone is doing in one tool.

​GetCompliant is a cloud-based service reachable by everyone in the organisation through computers, phones, and tablets. Everything is completely digital and can be followed up in real-time.

Below you can read more about some of the functionalities we offer.


Daily plan with task management

In the daily plan, all co-workers can see what needs to be done, whether it has been done and by who. Tasks appear automatically and can be scheduled with a frequency of every day up to once a year.


A wide selection of answer options can be used for every task, from a simple "Done" to text and numbers for temperature checks and audits. Text, dictation, and pictures are easily attached to a task for effortless communication. Use instructions like manuals, images, movies and links to make it easier for new employees to get started and to benchmark how tasks are supposed to be done or how a new campaign should be set up.


The content of the application is made to suit your way of working. You decide how tasks are set up, by what frequency and how far in advance they can be done to make it easy for co-workers on site to plan their workdays. Every site can create and edit their tasks. 


The daily plan simplifies leadership, reduces the time it takes to go from one task to the next, and helps your business to organize and maintain tidy sites - which creates more time for customers and service!


Simple handling of deviations

A broken fridge, undelivered campaign-material and irregularities in workplace conduct are easy to identify, report and take action on with GetCompliant. The easy to use deviation handling makes it simple to create action plans for one site or the entire chain. Deviations are easily assigned to a specific user and to-do date can be easily communicated.



Use pictures and text to document deviations from phone, tablet or computer and assign to a specific user or a site. Critical matters are easily made visible and followed up.


Deviations are kept open until they have been handled, which creates an awareness of critical issues and saves time in communication around what needs to be improved.


Easy-to-reach instructions

With every task, clear instructions on how it should be executed through text, images, pdf-documents links and instruction videos can be used. They help to benchmark how all tasks should be performed and make sure everyone is following company standards. 


This does not only make it easier to onboard new employees. New activities and methods can be spread through the organisation in a simple way. Information about campaigns, planograms, and schematics can easily be conveyed through pictures and other media. It makes it easy to ensure that there is a unified idea about how products should be exposed, all the time. To gather safety- and compliance procedures in the cloud makes it easier for all co-workers who need to show procedures and documentation to authorities.


The customer expects an even and high-quality service every day of the week, regardless of who is working at a site. When there is an easily accessible common standard, waste can be reduced, quality can increase and it becomes easier to continuously make operations smoother and better.


It should be easy to do the right things, everyday.


Smart checklists and forms

To perform audits and checklists to make sure that the operational standards agreed upon are being maintained is often necessary, and can also be an informative and developing experience for both management and co-workers.


To walk the same path as your customers and view your business with their eyes makes it easier to keep up high-quality service. Keeping everyone involved increases engagement for focusing on the right things. Wrongdoings and deviations can be fixed quicker, and introductions made easier.


For the service industry, a high compliance standard is necessary and it is important to be able to demonstrate that work environment is good, food safety procedures are of high quality and that fire safety regulations are being followed. Keeping all checklists in one place makes this work easier and improves performance.


Our form functionality is a flexible tool with many different areas of use depending on your needs. Our customers do not only use it for different checklists, but also for meeting agendas,  performance reviews, improvement suggestions and much more.


Clear overview of whats going on

The overview is a quick and easy insight into daily operations and makes it easy to track performance for all levels of the chain to know what has been done, and what has not. Everything is saved in our database for easy access to activities on a high level or in detail.


Key insights are focused on streamlining operations, to know wheter tasks have been performed, if there are deviations and when and how these are to be remediated.


Whenever necessary, you can always download data to create your own reports in Excel and other analytic tools.


It becomes simple to know what is going on on the floor and make more grounded decisions thereafter.


A digital way of working signifies, among other things, that your organisation can get rid of pen and paper. By replacing them with storing information in the cloud, A paperless environment is not just sustainable and saves money, things also become easier to use, find and delegate.

Automatic reporting

With email reports, co-workers get information about their site, and managers of several sites can get a qucik check on how their sites are doing. Use the overview to create your own reports for meetings and planning.

With easy insight on how everyone is doing, incentives to compete and make comparisons are created which leads to a continuous development for the better.


Get started quickly

When you have chosen to start using GetCompliant, we will help your chain to get started.

We add your manuals, instructions, checklists, images, films and other documents to create an operations manual specificly for your organisation. You select a few locations where site manager and co-workers try out the application for a few weeks to make sure all content is a good fit for your daily use. At the same time, their regional managers can try out their checklists. Everything is easily accesible by phones, tablets and computers. We evaluate the trial together with decision makers from your organisation in order to create a "template-site".


When everyone feel comfortable, we launch GetCompliant in your chain. We onboard all of your sites by sending out instructions to all co-workers according to a plan we have agreed upon. Our support-team are happy to help everyone to get started, which is usually quick and easy, and everything is done digitally and onlines. There is no need to spend unneccesary time travelling or attening courses.

When you are onboard, our experienced Customer Success Managers will support you over time.

It's not a big IT-project

To digitise operations is more about a new way of working than big technological changes. It is easy to get started with GetComplian from day 1. We help you to fill the application with content and everything is stored in the cloud, so that you don´t need to spend time on onboarding your chain. A chain of 500 sites can be rolled out within a month.

Increased compliance in all sites

How does it usually work when the chain gets started with GetCompliant? The graph below illustrates the typical rollout of GetCompliant in a medium sized Swedish chain. In the beginning, many sites are usually enthusiastic and want to get all tasks done "correctly", and others take a bit longer to get going with a new way of working. The general compliance score is usually quite low in general.

After a few weeks, co-workers start to understand and embrace the new way of working and how the software is used, and more and more sites gradually start using the tool. At the same time, the question of how realistic the goal of a performance of 100% is - and the answer is often that it is not realistic. The compliance score increases as more and more sites are onboard, at the sime time as the locations with a previous score of 100% realise that it is more important to use to tool correctly. With time, performance becomes more even - everyone becomes compliant!

Discover GetCompliant

Digital self-control is much more than saving time and a more modern tool. In this movie, Peder tries out being a convenience-store owner for one day and shows why digital self-control is preferable.


Try us out and experience the effect of collecting all operations management digitally!


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