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Digital operations and compliance for successful service industry chains


A new way of working

GetCompliant was founded with the purpose of simplifying the workday for all co-workers who meet guests and customers in restaurants, retail, and coffee shops every day. Today, our app helps over 14 000 of them in northern Europe to handle tasks and checklists - for smooth operations in the stress of daily service.  

Our digital operations manual saves time and increases control for multi-site businesses. Whether those sites are convenience stores, large supermarkets or busy fast food venues, we can help you.

​Watch Swedish fast food chain Sushirullen talk about how they use GetCompliant

The challenges of our customers...

Our experience with daily operations and digitalisation has taught us that multi-site businesses often have challenges maintaining a standardised way of work, and making sure quality and efficiency is sustained throughout the chain. At the same time, we know that companies that manage to solve these challenges in a simple way usually have a stable growth and a good profitability.


We often hear:​​

"Should it have to be a lot of work to introduce and manage co-workers?"

"Why is it hard to continuously find the right way of working?"

"Why do admin and operational tasks “steal” so much time and resources?"

"Why is there no easy way of just knowing everything is being done?"

Businesses in the service industry waste a large portion of their time in not solving these challenges. Why not solve them today? Learn how others have done it here.

...and how we help them solve them

With GetCompliant, compliance, benchmarking and establishing new locations is made easy. We help businesses to set up and roll out their digital operations in a few weeks.  It is simple to update procedures, tasks, and checklists and we give you an easy way to outline and report how locations are doing - all in one tool.


Having everything in one place makes it easy for co-workers on the floor, location managers, and regional managers to know what to do, how it should be done and execute all tasks. Completely without pen and paper. GetCompliant is a cloud-based tool that everyone in the chain can reach by smartphone, tablet, and computer to know what has been done and which deviations that need to be taken care of, digital and in real time to focus attention where it is needed.

The effect

Together with our customers, we have seen that transparency and common grounds create efficiency and profitability. When everyone knows what to do and when it decreases time spent on admin and planning and makes insights into daily operations easy. The immediate effect of this is a better overview of the business situation using less time keeping control, which keeps both co-workers and customers happy.


We help your chain to be in control to unlock more time for great service!

Daily plan

In the daily plan, all co-workers on the floor can see what is to be done, when it is due and how it should be done - and make sure everything is done on time.

Everyone knows what to do with scheduled checklists

Simplified leadership

Improve communication

Spend less time planning

More time for guests/customers

Logs everything that is done

Forms and Checklists

Create checklists and digitise paper processes for co-workers, regional support and management as needed.

Easy to know what is happening on all sites

Easy to send deviations to the right person

Simplifies introduction

Log audits and incidents and makes it easy to create task plans


Get a quick and easy overview of activities on all levels in the chain or access key numbers in detail. Track performance and make sure goals are reached.

Quick insights into daily operations

Simple to find out where attention is needed

Key insights with a focus on operations

Transparency and a common ground for the entire chain.


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What we do

GetCompliant helps retail and restaurant chains save time, secure compliance and reach set goals in everyday life.

Our cloud-based service includes digital checklists, documentation capabilities, and performance tracking for all levels of the chain.


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