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The GetCompliant Effect

GetCompliant is a tool for the entire chain, with the primary focus on helping the co-workers who are closest to the customer to do it right from the start. Our customers run from 5 to 600 sites where operations, food safety, sustainability, fire safety and workplace safety, among others, need to be coordinated in an easy way.


Correctly used, GetCompliant will help you gain substantial effects in the form of more control, a higher quality of execution, lower costs, more time for the important stuff and most importantly, more satisfied customers. Read more about what our customers have to say, real-life case studies and understand why GetCompliant can help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Get complete control and increase the quality of operations

Use text and pictures to communicate what needs to be done. More efficient operations and complete digital control.

Make sure nothing is overlooked

Procedures and operational tasks can be scheduled over the year so everyone knows what to do and when. Recieve notifications every day.

Get rid of pens and papers!

All instructions and checklists in one place. Get things done and follow it up in the same tool - which can be kept in your pocket.

Get more time and money for the important stuff

Get rid of long mail conversations and tedious Excel sheets and get more time for service and sales


"To keep a check on all of our sites when we are growing means a lot of travelling. All the working hours I can save by just using the app and check my phone to follow up is worth gold to me!"

- Linette von Bargen, Sushirullen

Customer case - lower food safety costs and more control

A Swedish franchise chain with 200 sites earlier used a hygiene vendor for food safety and pest control.


Using GetCompliant, the franchise owners received simple handling of regulatory compliance.


Head office and regional managers could check compliance quickly and additionally, communicating became easier. Follow up, and control of operations, sustainability and benchmarking became more efficient throughout the chain. 


Saving costs around € 680 per franchise owner and year.

Increased efficiency of head office and regional managers.

A digital tool adjusted for multi-location use gives satisfied co-workers, franchise owners, and managers.


A sustainable way of working

It is becoming more important to be able to report company sustainability. Apart from being able to help you with this, a digital way of working is also a more sustainable alternative. 


Our entire IT-development- and production environment is outsourced to Microsoft and runs on their cloud service Azure. 

According to Microsoft estimates, companies can reduce their energy use and carbon footprint by 30-90% when moving over to a cloud solution and we are proud to be able to reduce our customer's footprint on the environment through our services.


Microsoft's cloud solution is climate compensated and carbon-neutral.


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What we do

GetCompliant helps retail and restaurant chains save time, secure compliance and reach set goals in everyday life.

Our cloud-based service includes digital checklists, documentation capabilities, and performance tracking for all levels of the chain.


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