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We digitise the chain

...and we know the challenges of the service industry

We develop our product in close collaboration with our customers and we are well acquainted with the challenges multi-site chains in the service industry have.


Many of our co-workers have spent many years "on the floor" and in managerial positions within retail, restaurants and fast food companies and understand what both managers and co-workers need to simplify their working day. 

By getting people who now digital innovation and everyday challenges of the service industry together, we make sure to be on top of the needs of our customers. Shortly, this is why we can say with confidence that we focus on customer success.

Check out our Blog to learn more about the possibilities we see with digitalisation or get in touch with one of us.

Who we are

Business, Customer Success, Marketing and Sales

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Customer support
Per, Business &
Product Development

Product and Development

Front End Dev.
Back End Dev.
Quality Assurance
CEO, Product & Co-founder
Front End dev.
Back End Development

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What we do

GetCompliant helps retail and restaurant chains save time, secure compliance and reach set goals in everyday life.

Our cloud-based service includes digital checklists, documentation capabilities, and performance tracking for all levels of the chain.


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