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Compliance checklists, audits and procedures for successful foodservice companies

Food safety and operational management system for successful hospitality operations


Over 20,000 employees trust in Compliance by MAPAL

Compliance software for hospitality operations

Compliance checklists that streamline hospitality operations by simplifying procedures and ensuring health and food safety. 

We are proud to be part of MAPAL Group, the home of best-in-class hospitality management software across Europe, LATAM and the Middle East. 

Simplifying your hospitality operations checklists tools into smart devices and giving access to everyone who needs it.

Multi-site Overview

Get a quick and easy overview of activities on all levels of your multi-site business and get key metrics at a glance. Track performance and make sure goals are reached. Access insights into your daily hospitality operations and find out where attention is needed. This food and safety management system provides transparency in a single app for all sites.

Daily Schedule

In your daily hospitality checklist schedule, your team on the ground can see what needs to be done, how to do it, and when it’s due. Store and area managers can monitor and ensure everything is done on time. Communication will improve, leadership will be easier, less time needed for planning and more time for customers.

Forms and Audits

Our compliance software helps you create checklists and digitise paper processes for your floor, regional support and management teams. You can track what's happening on all sites and be sure you're sending deviations to the right person. Smoothly onboard new hires via a simple mobile introduction process. Create action plans effortlessly with the help of an audits and incidents log.

Hospitality operations management software that helps you...

Create checklists

Build mobile-friendly checklists that are easy to monitor and customisable on a regional and local level.


Perform audits

Bridge the gap between floor and office through regular audits to ensure that agreed operational standards are maintained.

Add manuals/procedures

Create easy-to read instructions for completing tasks with text, images, PDF documents, links and videos.


Ensure safety

Stay compliant with digital temperature control, cleaning and equipment maintenance and protect both your brand and your business.


Create reports

Share information and knowledge across the company straight from your mobile through simple forms, writing or dictation.


Schedule tasks

Make sure everything is done on time. Mark a task as complete with in a simple click, or by taking a picture.


Capture it with photos

A picture is worth a thousand words! Follow up campaigns, initiatives and exposures by checking supporting photos in a simple overview.


Handle deviations

Easy-to-use deviation handling enables you to create action plans for one, or all your sites.

Compliance customers testimonials

"The most important thing for us is to be able to ensure – in real time – that every restaurant is running smoothly and is up to standard."

— William Engman COO, Bastard Burgers

“I recommend Compliance to anybody that works with food, it’s a great way to ensure food quality”

— Christina Hollström, Store Manager, 7-Eleven, Grev Turegatan, Stockholm

“The best thing about it - it’s all done in one app”

— Sofia Trattner, Head of Quality, Coop Sweden